Armour is a Chennai based startup solving Insurance sector pain points. Start with branding, client look around something unique, aggressive and subtle logo. Logo should represent the meaning of a name.

We scribbled for ideas, choose few ideas, develop the concept, and submit few designs. Client choose the umbrella which is part of typography and human visible in reverse. Explore with typography, color schemes, and finally achieve the goal. We had written and handover Brand guideline.

Armour Branding

Armour Branding Concept

Armour Branding Concept Sketching

Armour Branding - Design Options

Armour Branding Concept Visul

Armour Branding - Typography Options

Armour Branding - Color Palette Options

Armour Branding - Selected Color

Armour Brand Guideline - Clear Space

Armour Brand Guideline - Geometry

Armour Branding Colour Palette

Armour Branding - Android and iOS App Icons

Armour Brand in Office Interior