ASAP is a mobile App for corporate communication which has lot of features. Like sharing official details and messages to the personals and within a group and it has hierarchical based communication so that officials and employee can be in touch easily. ASAP is a futuristic app for all the corporates and businesses.

Rillusion helped ASAP to design the UI/UX and entire App flow for the mobile App with unique features required by ASAP. So we brought a neat and clean App flow with a minimalistic icon for the better interface.

ASAP - Corporate Communication Mobile App




Online/ Offline Status

Rillusion design the online/offline status to indicate the personals status on the HomeScreen of the mobile app with beautified design so that the end users on the other side can easily find who are available to assign or share the work or details related to their officials.


Deliver/Pending Status

The deliver/ pending status are most significant feature when it comes to corporate communication. The message detail shared by a front user can monitor the end user easily, so we designed the unique status icon for the deliver/pending status feature



One click search

One click search is a easy way to search the message or content in the app with the help of key words which the user remembers for that, we designed the search icon in the home screen, so that the search can be made out with just a one click.


Instant Chat

ASAP have a feature called Instant chat, where Rillusion Designers Designed Its UX/UI with refined and minimalist design to give a pleasant feel to the user and to the end user with custom-made designed Icons.





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