KananPrep is a part of Kanan International and EdTech leader Brain Valley join hands to create the most adaptive exam preparation platforms for the people who aspire to study IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, to live and work abroad through online learning platform. It is a B to c ( Business to Customer) base website.


UX/UI Design
Web Design
Web App UI Design





We discover that EdTech Industry are struggling to come up with online programs with lack of user experience and user flow. We conduct a research on EdTech industry to over the flaws they are facing. We redefine the EdTech user experience and KananPrep digital platform.


We got inspired the brand identity design from tick symbol which is represents the correct answer of the question. We took the tick symbol which is emerged from the letter K (the first letter of KananPrep) and we fix it inside a circle which implies universe. The letter k, tick and circle forms the logo for KananPrep. Finally we achieved the unconventional, modern brand identity for KananPrep.

KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Logo Design Options
KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Brand Identity Design Concept Exploration
KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Logo Design Shape refinement using geometry


We built information architecture by Understanding the product and its benefits. We create easy to access sitemap and navigation system. Each page will have multiple section with relevant illustrations which is understandable by end user. We create wireframes to finalise the information block and image blocks.


We create user flows with ease of use navigation system. We ensure the pleasant user journey from landing page to signup page. Clearly define the course information, benefits and pricing models which helps the students to signup the platform.

KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - User Flows




From the wire frame, we worked on the landing page design with 2 approach. One was fluid free flow of design and the another one was grid based layout design. Client choose the fluid free form layout.

KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Low Fi Mockup design options.


We create a style guide from branding colors. We define the complementary typography for the brand identity design. We create custom line icon designs and also multi-color icons. We create custom illustrations which is supporting the content for entire website. Illustration, we implement the style which appeals dynamic and moving ahead. We completely prepared the style guide for the website and user dashboard.

KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Style guide, Color schemes and TypographyKananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Custom Iconography DesignsKananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Custom Multi Color Icon DesignsKananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Custom Illustrations




We had implemented the style guide, to all the pages and user dashboard. We built hi fidelity mockups to all the pages. We have designed the dashboard, landing page, course details and course listing pages. Final output gives pleasant, readable, redefined EdTech website and user Dashboard.

KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Landing Page, Course details with Pricing, and User Dashboard UI Design

KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Student viewing on Laptop
KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Mobile Friendly design
KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Student viewing Dashboard
KananPrep - EdTech Digital Platform - Student viewing on Course details