KSM is an established chain of supermarket in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. They have centralised ERP Billing system. They get lots of home delivery orders. Delivery persons to step down to deliver at customer’s doorsteps.


UX/UI Design
Mobile App Design





KSM has many outlets in which the physical sales are happening smoothly without any problem. Here they facing problem with the home delivery in order with lack of technology couldn’t track the order status, delivery status, satisfaction of the customers. Hence we come up with a Mobile App UX / UI design to resolve this problem with complete app flow.


Hence it is a supermarket, We found that usually the boys aged between 18 to 23 would be the delivery persons with less education knowledge. So, We designed the app with iconic representation so that they can easily use the app without any flaws.

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design personas


We have done simple and beautiful iconic representation UX/UI design of the app. Where the delivery boys can easily find the way to access the app with clearly defined architecture information for them to understand the app info.


We have deployed the easier user flow from the delivery boy’s point of view. So that they are able to know what comes next with the step by step flow process. This is the easiest way to convey them how the app flow works.

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design user flow


We had a clear idea about the persona so we designed the WireFrames accordingly, WireFrames are a path to design a UX / UI. Here we have developed a well -Structured and easily iconised WireFrame to the delivery boys who access the app. Finalised WireFrame has is more easy and visually understandable for the delivery boys.

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design 




We designed the Lo-Fi mockup once the wireframe is fixed. Here we have given the basic structure for the wireframes to know the look and feel of the app with more iconic way. We worked hard to show the simplified design to the delivery boy to understand the app flow.

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design lowfi


The style guides have been developed precisely with focus on the students of the targeted classes, custom icons are created to best fit with the colors and typography which enhances the entire visual appearance.

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design style-guide

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design-iconography




We have designed the UX/UI for the app which developed from the Lo-Fi mockup which comes out well with simplified output and the iconography which set for the app purely matched the mockup hence the app delivers the simple output to use by the delivery boys.

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design high-fi

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design-home

Rillusion was unbelievably helpful to my supermarket business. When I want to quickly figure out my delivery tracking system they come up with a mobile app idea. Then we ended up with a user-friendly mobile app for my delivery person which sort out my problem easily. we are glad to work with Rillusion and will highly recommend your product/ services.
-Zainul Abideen Managing Partner – KSM

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design mobile-screens(1)

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design mobile-screens(2)

ksm - Mobile App UX / UI Design mobile-screens(3)