Market Raja is a Content Marketing and Distribution Platform. It’s a Chennai based Tech Startup. The Platform helps the end user to publish and distribute their content into various social media websites, content portals and email in just one click.

Earlier Rillusion helped market raja to create brand identity design. Now Rillusion team joined together with Marketraja to do web design and development. Our work contains Custom and unique Illustrations, Icon designs, modern web design and overall colour schemes used and whole page design as well as development. At last we come up cherished look and feel with this unique Website designed and developed by Rillusion.

Market Raja - Website Design

Market Raja - Home Page layout design

Market Raja - Product Features, Contact us, About us, and Pricing page designs

Market Raja - Industries section design

Market Raja - mobile friendly website, rendered in iPhone

Market Raja - Web Design color schemes and typography guidelines

Market Raja -Mobile web design

Market Raja - Custom Icon designs for website

Market Raja - Custom illustrations for industries section

Market Raja -Responsive web design

Market Raja - Responsive website design rendered in iPad and smartphone