Pepup is a Closed Group Communication Android Mobile App for Educational Institution. Earlier we had done their Brand Identity Design for Mobile App, now we are working on Responsive Website Design. We strategize User Experience Design, create Responsive Web Design and we developed Mobile friendly website.

We had created SVG graphics animation in the landing page section and also we had implemented the smooth scroll for a better user experience. Finally we retained the same user experience in both desktop and mobile devices. Let’s experience the site.

Pepup - Web Design for Mobile App

Landing Page

The moment user lands the website, should understand Pepup deals with communication.
So we strategize to showcase various devices for different types of communication.
SVG animation of Chat, Email, SMS and other communication related icons moving
around the screen in semantic way which gives rich feel to the end user.

Pepup - Mobile App Landing Page

How It Works

In this section we explained how Pepup works in Web interface, Mobile App, SMS and Email. We retain the same devices
which used in landing section and explain the concept in timeline format.

Android Mobile App - How it Works

Features & Solution

Showcasing the App feature inside the mobile phone seems to be old fashion. We use circles to highlight the features
which gives the balance in design. Simple and Straight forward listing of benefits in Solution section enhance the readability.

Android Mobile App - Features and Benefits

Responsive Mobile Design

We design the website for mobile phone. In Responsive Web Design (RWD),
we knock of navigation system, and retain the same web experience.
Implement Smooth scrolling, define section based content,
custom design for sections, and more.

Pepup - Mobile Web Design for Android App

Pepup - Mobile View of Website

Pepup - Website Design for Android Mobile App

Pepup - Responsive Web Design for Mobile App

Pepup - Mobile App web design realistic look in Laptop