ScoreMax was evolved from the idea of helping students to learn, gain knowledege through interactive process. The syllabus-based content was put together by emminent professors for students appearing for school and board exams.


UX/UI Design
Web Design





There is a gap in the market of education for the school students. Scoremax was created to fill in the gap and solve the problems and to help the students to learn on the go and with the interactive visual, quiz process. Students are able to retain more information. With the implementation of difficulty level students are being challenged to perform better every time.


Scoremax is a student’s app Hence custom persona identifies the age group from 11 to 17 years. Hence the app needs to be too friendly and easier way to access, hence we have designed the UX in an easier way by completely analysed the student mentality. The app comes out well with the best UX design after assigning the persona.

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-personas


We have done the extraordinary work of information architecture while the students can easily find the way to access the app with clearly defined architecture information for them to understand the app info.


We have deployed the easy user flow from the student’s point of view so that they are able to know what comes next with the step by step flow process. This is the easiest way to convey the student how the app flows.

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-user-flows


WireFrames are a path to design a UX/UI. Here we have developed a well -Structured and easily visualized Wireframe to the students who access the app. Initially we had a lot of iteration to have a simplified and easy to visualised WireFrame and finally this WireFrame has finalised, Which is easy and interactive manner for the students which does not disturb the user while they are in the quiz.

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-wireframes




We designed the Lo Fi mockup once the WireFrame is fixed. Here we have given the basic structure for the WireFrames to know the look and feel of the app with more informative way. We worked hard to show the simplified design and the result come up with this idea.

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-low-fi-mockups


The style guides have been developed precisely with focus on the students of the targeted classes, custom icons are created to best fit with the colors and typography which enhaces the entire visual appearence.

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-style-guides




We have designed the UX/UI for the app which developed from the Lo Fi mockup which comes out well with colourful output and the typography which set for the app purely matched the mockup hence the app delivers the attractive output to use by the students.

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-hi-fi-mockups

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-mockups

Rillusion developed an intuitive user flow, which helped us to achieve a milestone of 300k downloads in Very short time.
-Senthil, Head of IT – Scoremax

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-mobile-screens(1)

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-app-select-subject

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-demo-mode

Score Max- Mobile App UX / UI Design-app-result